How to Buy Dutasteride Discreetly

Avodart (generic dutasteride) has recently completed Phase III trials for it being used as a hair loss treatment in male patients suffering from hereditary baldness. Not only it is likely to become only the second medically proven way to restore the lost hair in male patients though oral use of pills but it could become the most powerful treatment currently available. The main obstacle is that it requires a doctor’s prescription and since this pill has been approved for treating hair loss only in a few countries as yet (not in the US) there are hair loss sufferers who may find it almost impossible to get their hands on this pill. Firstly, their dermatologist will most likely have never heard of Avodart and secondly he/she will not be able to prescribe it to them even if they were willing to do so as it can only be prescribed by urologists as long as it has not been approved for hair loss. This is a vicious circle as urologist can only prescribe Avodart to patients having urological problems.

Hence, the only remaining option to patients in most countries is to buy Avodart (dutasteride) online in one of many existing internet pharmacies. This obviously carries the risk of receiving fake medications or delivery being held back at the customs. However, the price is usually so low when compared to the cost of original branded Avodart in the regular pharmacy and given the fact that there is no other option remaining to get the pill that it can be worth trying. You just need to make sure that the delivery will not be clearly marked as generic Avodart or dutasteride and you are best advised to try a small quantity first that nicely fits into the envelope. Always choose a pharmacy that provides an online consultation in order to get a prescription. This can help you get it from the customs should it get stuck there. However, be prepared to pay the import tax or the value added tax should that happen. In the most instances and in the most countries your envelope will slip through the customs and land safely in your mail box.